g33k_logotyp_300Are you an endurance athlete who likes a coach who just gives you a schedule without explanation? Then g33k coaching is nothing for you.

Do you feel naked when not wearing your heart rate monitor on the run? Do you consider a bike session without a power meter, a waste of time? Are you keeping track of the pace clock when swimming laps in the pool? Then g33k coaching might be a great fit for your ambitions.

G33k coaching coaches each athlete individually based on the clients ambitions, goals, prerequisites and history. Our coaching is research based and constantly evolving according to the latest most proven principles.

Your performance is our passion and we want to help you reach your full potential through numbers.

Beta testing in the season of 2018

Coaching is starting with goals set in the season of 2018 with 5 athletes. Are you interested in G33k coaching in the future or maybe already for the season of 2018, don’t hesitate to reach out to us either on email info@sportsdistribution.se or via facebook.